Developer Portal

As part of our effort to make Keboola Connection an open platform we would like to announce the availability of the Keboola Developer Portal - Some of you may already be aware that it is possible to modify applications in KBC through the Developer Portal API. Now we are adding an application to the API so that you can get things done more easily.

The Keboola Developer Portal is a completely separate application from Keboola Connection. It is region-less because it has no access to customer projects. The Developer Portal provides an authoritative list of KBC applications for each region. Each Keboola Connection stack reads this list regularly. As usual in Keboola, the Developer Portal is done in an API first approach, so everything that the application does can be done programmatically too.

What does the Developer Portal do?

  • It allows users registered to vendors to create and modify applications in KBC without Keboola Tech support.
  • It provides service accounts for automating deployment and testing.
  • It provides Docker AWS ECR repositories for applications (thus avoiding Quay and Dockerhub issues).
  • It provides an authoritative list of publicly available approved applications.

Anyone can sign up for the Developer Portal. However until you join a vendor or create a new one, you will not be able to do anything. Both creating and joining a vendor must be approved. Joining a vendor must be approved by the vendor administrator, and creating a vendor must be approved by Keboola Tech. Once a member of a vendor, you can modify and add new applications to that vendor. There's no need to fill a checklist and go through our support. When you create an application, it becomes immediately available for you to use. Using the Developer Portal, you can also set up automated deployment for your application.

Keboola Tech still has some things to do:

  • approve new vendors
  • change some controlled properties of an application (e.g. memory limit)
  • approve a new application before it can become public

Next steps:

  • We still have a long list of things to be done on the Developer Portal, so we consider it as beta quality at the moment.
  • We are soon going to hold a developer meet-up in the Czech Republic where we’d like to hear about your experience developing applications for KBC (in January probably).
  • If you have previously used the Developer Portal API, we encourage you to try the application. If you are having trouble joining your vendor, please contact us on support (there may be some friction depending on how your account was created).
  • If you have created complex applications using Custom Science, go ahead and check the Developer Portal, it may now be more convenient to turn them into full applications.
  • If you have never created an application for Keboola Connection, we highly encourage you to try it - it's much easier now. In fact a component can be created from scratch in an hour.