Amazon S3 Writer

It's my pleasure to announce another addition to Keboola Connection - an Amazon S3 Writer. 

Many of you know have been already familiar with REST Box component with functionality related to S3 manipulation (reading to and/or writing from). However, there are certain situations where a custom component is a better fit and for that reason we developed one.

The main advantage is a speed. It's been written in Node.js and using AWS SDK library where the actual file upload is handled via stream processing. Even a bit larger files (+1GB) are uploaded in a very convenient timeframe.

Configuration is very straightforward as well (similar to SFTP/WebDAV Writer) and you should be able to start using this component very quickly.

This writer is developed independently by Blue Sky Media. For more information on how to use the writer, please refer to the documentation. In case you run into some issues or you have more questions, please contact me directly (