Sailthru Campaign Extractor

Have you ever used Sailthru and are you interested in analysis of your campaign data? If you answer is positive in both cases, you might be happy for this new extension to the Keboola Connection family - Sailthru Campaign Extractor. 

As title says, the extractor is able to download your campaign data and datasets like beacon times, devices, domains, engagement, just to name a few (you can see the full list in the documentation).

The configuration of this extractor is very simple and a lot of things are happening 'under the hood'. The output datasets are aggregated and some of them contain some additional information, just for your convenient to potentially simplify your analytics queries in Keboola Connection (at least a little bit). During the development there was a big focus on extensibility and for that reason there is a high probability there will be a new set of cool features in the future. 

The development was sponsored by Pond5 and developed independently by Radek Tomášek. I would love to thank Petr Havlik for his tremendous support during the whole development process. His experience made the whole development easier. For more information on how to use the extractor, please refer to the documentation.