Deprecated Facebook Ads API v2.9

Facebook is deprecating Marketing API v2.9 on Monday, November 13, 2017 thus any api call to v2.9 will fail with error.

The latest version is now v2.10.

The migration should only require changing the api-version parameter in all existing configurations of our Facebook Ads Extractor. However, since there may be some breaking changes, we strongly recommend to change the api-version in your configurations manually, review any possible changes and take the appropriate actions.  For more details on the new version, please read Marketing API Changes in v2.10 in the Facebook API Changelog.

Possible breaking change might be renaming of action_link_click_destination breakdown types as follows:

  • app_store_clicks => click_to_app_store
  • deeplink_clicks => click_to_app_deeplink
  • website_clicks => click_to_website

In other Facebook news, they have announced version v2.11 of Facebook Graph API and Facebook Marketing API, for more info read changelog here.