Loading Events Application Errors (Updated)

Friday June 23rd, 20:30 PST

We're experiencing a large number of application errors when loading events from Storage in the UI. 

We're trying to debug and fix this issue, no other operations should be affected.

Friday June 23rd, 20:48 PST

We have rolled out new servers which seems to mitigate the issue. All operations back to normal.

We're sorry for this inconvenience.

Redshift Writer Job Failures

Today (Jun 21, 2017) between 16:00 and 18:30 CEST all Redshift Writer jobs created in this period failed with an application error. We have identified and fixed the issue.

We're sorry for this inconvenience.

Week in Review -- June 14, 2017

Updated Components

  • GoodData Writer supports login parameter in the Create User API call to specify different mailing address
  • GoodData Writer supports full parameter in the Synchronize Dataset API call to perform full sync without data preservation
  • DB2 Extractor supports SSH tunneling

New Features

Community News

  • ZOOT developed extractor to download data from CJAffiliate’s Commission detail service API

Minor Improvements


  • Snowflake Extractor supports large files

New version of AdWords Extractor

We released a new AdWords Extractor updated to use the latest version of AdWords API v201705. The previous Extractor is marked as deprecated. It uses API v201607 which will be switched off by June 27. You are encouraged to migrate soon during the June. 

Configuration migration is automatic but you need to rewrite fetching of deprecated values yourself according to the migration guide (https://developers.google.com/adwords/api/docs/guides/migration/v201705). AdWords developer token must be entered to the configuration again because it will be encrypted for this app only. You also have to reauthorize OAuth access to your data.

GA Extractor Quota Limits

Recently (this week) we've begun hitting request quota limits with our Google Analytics Extractor.  The process of increasing the quota has begun, but until that happens we will unfortunately be required to put a hard cap on the extractor runtime of 30 minutes.  This means that only extractors that finish their jobs in under 30 minutes will complete successfully.

If you are affected by this limit, please try adjusting your configuration to reduce the amount of data being extracted.

Sorry for this inconvenience, we'll update here when/if the quota gets increased and we can remove this limitation.

Fixed IP Address Ranges - temporarily reverted

Some database extractor timeout errors have occurred in a few projects due to yesterday's switch to static IPs. 

We have temporarily reverted back from from new Fixed IPs as we attempt to resolve these issues.

We will post an update when the fixed IPs return and the timeout issues resolved.

Fixed IP Address Ranges

It is our pleasure to announce that as of today, all our outgoing network connections in the US region are using a pool of four static IP addresses. 

This can help you meet your company security standards. To find out more, please visit the IP Addresses page in our documentation.

Be aware that IP addresses can change in the future. For your convenience, you can programatically fetch and parse the list of existing IP addresses in JSON format at https://help.keboola.com/extractors/ip-addresses/kbc-public-ip.json


Some of you were employing a very old concept where we performed an on-demand network source routing which allowed us to force the source IP under syrup-out.keboola.com. This was deprecated almost a year ago. Today, we are also announcing that old source routing is deprecated and will be turned off at the end of this month. If you rely on source IP, please move all your existing firewall rules to our new addresses before June 30, 2017.

Week in Review -- May 30, 2017

New version of Dropbox extractor

Our third-party partner Radek Tomášek published the new version of Dropbox extractor which uses Dropbox API v2. Old extractor uses API v1 which will be deprecated soon so you are recommended to migrate to the new extractor soon. See http://status.keboola.com/dropbox-extractor-v2

Pipedrive extractor

An extractor to Pipedrive: Sales CRM & Pipeline Management Software was published to all users.


Detail of transformation job was slightly improved for better intelligibility.


We fixed email validation of invitation form which prevented you from inviting users with emails with e.g. geographic top-level domains like '.london'.